Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Senior Districts Music Ensembles

Congratulations to our 11 HWRHS students who were selected from a pool of 1065 students into Senior Districts music ensembles. These students will perform in the Senior Districts Festival in January at Lowell High School. This is a big honor for our students, who work hard in many arenas of HWRHS.
  1. Remy Beauregard* - chorus
  2. Mary Brao - chorus
  3. Justin Guo – violin, orchestra
  4. Melissa Kain* - chorus
  5. Katelyn McCarthy* - chorus
  6. Liz Perrotta - chorus
  7. Evan Place - chorus
  8. Emily Preston* - chorus
  9. Lanie Preston - chorus
  10. Nate Shepard* - chorus
  11. Dan Sun – flute, band
*earned the additional opportunity to audition for All-State Chorus in January

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