Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Miles River Middle School One Acts Update

On April 28th Miles River Middle School participated in the One act Festival and performed a piece written by the cast and crew titled, "A Song for the Birds".  We are so thrilled to share with you our results from this year's METG Middle School Drama Festival!

Ian Castracane received an All-Star Company award recognizing his Foley-style live sound design
Leo Kagan and Margo Tsouvalas both received All-Star Company awards recognizing their excellence in performance
Brigitte Worstell, Chloe Gern, Ava Cote, and Libby Collins all received All-Star Company awards recognizing their costume designs for the production, AND
Olivia Soolman was honored with the coveted Stage Manager's award, which is only given to one school on the merit of displaying professionalism, organization, planning, and poise at both the tech rehearsal and on the festival day.

Our students are so thrilled with the outcome!  

-Chrissy deLima
Marcie Sidlowski

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